iApply Security


Security is an integral part of everyday life, particularly in online public facing environments. The role of security in iApply is to raise the bar high enough that any attack sophisticated enough to reach a level in the implementation will raise other ‘alarms’ or to simply provide a negative ROI for the attacker. iApply and its cloud deployment environments utilise a number of techniques and installation features that protects the client from such attacks whilst leaving the application easy to use and responsive to the web user.

To this extent the iApply Layered Security Approach is implemented which provides the following measures:

  • Single tenancy instances of iApply
  • Threat protection via system configuration
  • Cross-site scripting, SQL injection & information leakage protection
  • Application controlled sessions (i.e. Non web server reliant)
  • iSolutions Security Framework that provides the global entitlement system
  • Full auditing of system access