Introducing iApply

iApply is an online forms and workflow automation solution delivered via the cloud. It is a dynamic, flexible and highly adaptable technology that automates many business processes quickly and cost-effectively. It makes creating online data capture forms easy and removes paper-based processes, thus improving service delivery and reducing administrative costs.

The iApply Experience

iApply provides Internet access to business processes anywhere, any-time on any device. iApply forms are made available for off-line data capture that can later be synchronised when connectivity is available.

A key feature of iApply is its ability to create intelligent online “self-service” data forms that can easily deal with the often large amounts of data required to process an online application. Business rules, strict data validation, and user friendly error messages are built directly in to the online forms to ensure users provide sufficient information for the form, and provide only the necessary information to effectively process each unique circumstance.



iApply Workbench

The iApply Workbench is an intuitive online forms builder that allows for rapid iApply forms development and modifications. The Workbench includes a drag-and-drop environment in the browser that does not require a lot of training or technical skills to use. In addition to creating and updating forms the Workbench provides a ‘Publish Form’ feature that automatically publishes the iApply form into different channels, including online (electronic lodgement/fill) and downloadable form (print/static). This allows a business user (compared to software developers) to take control of their business processes and publish forms in-house without technical resources.

The main strength of the iApply Workbench is that forms with complex controls, validations, business rules, calculations and section sequencing can be created without software programming. iApply separates the software domain (created and maintained by DWS) from the business domain (maintained by our clients in the iApply Workbench).


User Experience

By creating an immersive, interactive and responsive user interface, a fully customised iApply deployment makes the end user experience superior to traditional channels of forms delivery.

Data History

iApply preserves a full data history of all captured information, including all edits and updates. The data history and current version of information can never inadvertently be deleted. Records can only be ‘work-flowed’ as ‘archive’ avoiding a hard record delete.

Complete form validation

Full end-to-end field-level validation is completely customisable in iApply, allowing business users to carefully craft forms to ensure data-validity before form submission.

PDF Generation

iApply has built-in PDF generation of form confirmation pages that can be created on-request or as part of a background event. This enables simple emailing of confirmation pages to clients eliminating the need for printed documentation.

File attachments

Interactive file-upload and secure file-storage are part of the iApply core system allowing users to provide digital documentation as part of the online form process.

Online Signatures

iApply can capture signatures through modern touch devices and persist these signatures into document outputs. Signature capture may be advantageous for document consent / proof-of-identity requirements.


Any new online e-service delivered to external and internal stakeholders requires a mobile experience and needs to be device agnostic. iApply is a web based experience that works across multiple devices and can deliver online forms into mobile experiences.


One of the benefits of being mobile is the ability to track the location of the generation of data automatically using mobile devices geolocation technology. iApply comes with geolocation capabilities out of the box, including geo-fencing business rules enabling data collection requirements to adjust based on current location.

Lookup Services

iApply provides validation integration into external lookup services. As an example iApply integrates into the ABN Lookup Service, an on-line register hosted by DIISRTE on behalf of ABR. Real-time lookup validation improves the data validity for online data collection.


iApply is particularly well-suited to automating workflows across different users and user classes, including citizens, internal business users, external third party users and system services. To best manage approvals, escalations, warnings and notifications a Workflow capability provides the client with best-of-breed online form functionality.


iApply notifications are executed on successful completions of Workflow transitions. Named iApply Events notifications can be distributed to multiple communication channels. The notifications can include custom messages and content. Notifications are central in keeping all actors of a system up-to-date with application events.

W3C Accessibility compliance

iApply is designed to output WCAG 2.0 Level AA compatible HTML. All iApply content is CSS driven, all content is text based and navigation is fully keyboard accessible. DWS recently implemented an iApply solution to a federal government agency that was WCAG2.0 Level AA compliant.